Ant Europe Ltd

11 Penrhyn Road,
Kingston upon Thames,
KT1 2BZ, England

Ant Europe Limited have been providing the highest possible quality in ship maintenance, service, repairs, and parts for major shipyards, ship builders and ship owners since 1989.

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Our excellent reputation is built on three core values:



We only supply and install the best possible quality parts. All parts are manufactured by established, market leading companies in the world.


We know that the vessels and the customers can be in different locations and different time zones, and we also consider the commercial aspect of the vessels’ continuous operation. This means that we are available and work round the clock whenever necessary to meet the vessels’ requirements in time, in the most efficient way and without any delay.


We check the shipyards capability, their advantages, disadvantages and their business requirements as well as potential for that particular time and case as much as possible. We check them thoroughly based on the vessels’ repair requirements and locations, and always offer the best possible option to the owners.